Occupy Wall Street - Soundtrack EP

by Sounda

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I created this occupy wall street soundtrack collection of old and new tracks to represent the day and time. I am a Sound Designer and Electronica Artist with emphasis on progressive music and art. It doesn’t matter if I am flying to the cosmos or here on Earth. The main theme is escaping the madness. There are people suffering and living below the poverty line while others are extremely rich and refuse to do the right thing and spread the wealth with jobs and equality. No handouts, just creating more wealth. Imagine if super rich families like the Walton Family(Walmart) decides to pay more and hire more qualified people, there would be more equality and they would still be rich - maybe not super rich but very rich. Somehow the 1% such as the Walmart family and others can’t expect to have people sitting back and watch as they dictate power and control over politicians. The movement is not quite focused but within it all, I can see where Occupy Wall Street’s main theme is the 99% or the struggling workers and poor are fed up with the 1% screwing the citizens while their trust fund kids do reality TV and other stupid shit. We are on the prelude to chaos and mayhem in 2012. If this is not dealt with fairly we are walking on a bridge to mass mayhem.

I am a Artist and Sound man who loves art and progressive life. Planet Blood was written years ago and it was my first track that resonated with a lot of people for the “dark” and powerful energy of what I felt was a Planet Blood, Earth. Forward to 2011, I created a track called Rebellious Ones, a Occupy Wall Street, Occupy All Street inspired track. Blood and Tears is another resonating track, along with the others. We feel forsaken and we want to be “Unforsaken”. As artists it is our job to paint what we see: Darkness or light. Power to the people!

A man who won't die for something is not fit to live. __Martin Luther King, Jr



released December 6, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Movement, Progressiveness, Equality, Fair and Balance, Music, Art, Life, Love, Hate, War and Peace.



all rights reserved


Sounda Los Angeles, California

A cool off the planet world of spies, aliens, warriors and various elements. Join the Nation and spread the word. Bring a suit or space ship. Whatever works.

Favorite Lyric:
You are just another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd

Activities and Thoughts:
Flying, stargazing, battling espionage and supernatural forces.
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